Hand painted Hermit Crab Wall Hanging, Folk Art, The Copper Works of Martha’s Vineyard.

One of the more distinct creations in the Copper Works store, the hand painted copper Hermit crab wall hanging displays the range of artistic ability that local folk artist Scott McDowell possesses. Local fisherman and folk artist Scott McDowell captures the playful nature of the hermit crabs that roam the shores of Martha’s Vineyard in his hand painted hermit crab wall hanging. This one of a kind design came straight from a the imagination of a customer and thanks to Scott’s McDowells ability to transform copper into fish art, the handmade copper hermit crab is available by special order in the Copper Works online store.

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Hermit Crab Wall Hanging
This handcrafted copper hermit crab wall hanging was made as a custom order and painted per the customers request.

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Custom Hermit Crab Wall Hanging