Dogfish Bar Mechanical Sculpture, Fish Art, The Copperworks of Marthas Vineyard.

The dogfish bar mechanical copper sculpture is arguably the most imaginative piece of copper artwork in the copper works store. The dogfish bar mechanical sculpture incorporates Scott’s love for hand crafted mechanical artwork with his eye for fish art in this animated scene of dog fish bar and grille. Dogfish Bar, is sand bar in Aquinnah, a favorite striper fishing spot for up-island fisherman to land massive cow striped bass. There are seven animated characters the comprise the one of a kind Dogfish Bar Mechanical Sculpture, available exclusively from the Copper Works of Martha’s Vineyard online store.

Just imagine the conversations this rare piece of copper folk art will generate when it graces the living room of your vineyard home. The dogfish bar mechanical sculpture is sure be the center piece of any dinner part or social event. That is why the dogfish bar mechanical sculpture, along with the other mechanical sculptures set Scott McDowell and the copper works of Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard apart from any other competitors.

The dogfish bar mechanical sculpture is the culmination of years of hard work creating custom copper mechanical sculptures, the level of detail and complexity of motion are unmatched. Scott McDowell has produced a truly amazing piece of copper folk art that would take any art collection to the next level. Have Scott McDowell custom build a mechanical sculpture out of copper to fit your own interior design or home decoration needs.

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Dogfish Bar Mechanical Sculpture
This mechanical sculpture's named Dogfish Bar, is a playful interpretation of the sandy shoal located off Lobsterville Beach that shares the name Dogfish Bar. The shoal is located off Lobsterville Beach in Aquinnah on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The mechanical scupture has many moving parts

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