Big Fish Small Fish, Folk Art, The Copperworks of Marthas Vineyard.

As a charter fishing Captain, Scott McDowell is familiar with the cycle of life in the open the sea, he displays that familiarity in the big fish, small fish mechanical copper sculpture. The big fish small fish mechanical copper sculpture has strong features, bright colors, and fish that move with mechanical motion. Children and adults both will get hours of enjoyment from big fish small fish mechanical sculpture. Looking to add the vineyard feel to a room in your home? The big fish small fish is the ideal way to bring the vineyard feel to your home anywhere in the world. Homes across Martha’s Vineyard have known for years that Scott McDowell’s one of a kind mechanical sculptures, like the big fish small fish are rare finds. The big fish small fish sculpture is just the type of folk art sought after by art collectors, interior designers, and home decorations on Martha’s Vineyard and around the world.

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Big Fish Small Fish
This playful mechanical sculpture has a large fish chasing smaller fish.

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